Assisting Indigenous people, and the wider community, to improve mental health outcomes.

About Perfectly Imperfect Consulting

Karyn Moyle created Perfectly Imperfect Consulting with a single-minded objective: to help those in need.

From her own extensive lived and learned experiences in Grief, Loss, Trauma and Mental Health, Karyn feels inspired when helping others. To read Karyn’s Story, including her own family experience of The Stolen Generation, her extensive qualifications, and her commitment to change,

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Our Vision

To deliver meaningful and culturally appropriate Mental Health & Suicide Awareness programs to Aboriginal Australians and the broader community, helping make lasting impacts to people’s wellbeing.

Our Mission

To deliver high-quality training and awareness programs, providing our Indigenous people and the wider community with the culturally safe education, support and guidance needed to heal from the grief, loss, and trauma created by the systematic oppression of Colonisation.

Presented in a one day or two-day format, our Mental Health courses and Suicide Awareness programs are delivered with culturally sensitivity and tailored to meet the individual needs of each client.

“By sharing my own experiences with suicide, mental health, and intergenerational trauma, I’ve dedicated my professional life to educating and informing Aboriginal people with the goal to creating lasting change”


We’re available to travel to remote community locations to deliver services, or we can deliver webinars.

All participants receive an attendance certificate upon completion. If the sessions are triggering for participants, Karyn’s lived experience and local knowledge helps.

Designed for organisations big and small, our program delivery costs are very affordable. Even more, we can provide tailored flexibility, customising our programs to meet the specific needs of each client.

“My experience and local knowledge of the issues – both lived and learned – allows me to deliver meaningful, culturally appropriate and supportive programs throughout the NT with a deep understanding of my participant’s needs”


Artwork Credit

My Country after the Rain

By Merrill Bray

Karyn respectfully acknowledges the talented artist who created the artwork that features in our brand design. Merrill belongs to the Eastern Aranda tribe. She is from the Pungarte skin group, which is one of eight.

Her Great-grandmother A’Raka (meaning ‘sun’) is the Sun Dreaming woman from the Northern Aranda side of Alice Springs, at Illbarlinja in central Australia. Like her mother and grandmother before her, Merrill belongs to the Yipirinya Dreaming.

She has been painting since the age of twelve. Her passion is producing contemporary dot paintings that uniquely depict macro and micro, under the microscope and out in the universe, which are both the same while also existing at different levels.